I knew Brownell was where I belonged

Submitted by Leigh Gustafson
Class of 2012

I thought that starting at Brownell-Talbot during the middle of my junior year was going to be difficult. However, when I went in on my first day and was greeted by my thirty-two new classmates, I knew that Brownell was the place that I belonged. Now, those thirty-two people are some of the closest friends that I will ever have. Attending Brownell for a year and a half was one of the best decisions I have made that has furthered my growth as a responsible adult.

Mythbusters Event

Submitted by Stephanie Ivec

My favorite Brownell-Talbot memory was when Grant Imahara from Mythbusters spoke at the Destination Discovery Summer Camps kickoff. It was a great presentation and I’m so glad Brownell-Talbot brought Imahara in to speak.